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Full Moon Bath Salts & Crystal Ritual Box

Full Moon Bath Salts & Crystal Ritual Box

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Ritual baths are a sacred intention that can help you symbolically detox. Release and let go of all the things that are holding you back from manifesting your desires.

Designed for the Full Moon our Full Moon Bath Ritual kits will set the sacred space.

The Full Moon Release Ritual Kit contains;

 Aromatherapy Blended Bath Salts created for a release and detox with Juniper, Tea Tree and May Chang Pure Essential Oils and Sea Salt

⚘ Dried Rose Petals and whole Soap Flowers. Take these gorgeous flowers, pick the scented petals and sprinkle over your bath water. As you slip into your tranquil space, watch them dissolve as they moisturise your body, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth.

🜂 Fire - White Candle for purity, balance and healing during your spiritual ritual

🜁 Air - 4x Incense cones to create the ambiance

🜃 Earth - An Amethyst Crystal to connect with intuition and psychic skills.  Incorporate Amethyst into your Full Moon divination practice for ease in deciphering the messages and information you receive. Alternatively, call upon Amethyst’s protective abilities and charge your crystal with Full Moon energy to create a powerful protection talisman.

Labradorite Crystal is a mystical stone that gets its brilliant flash from reflected light, similarly to how the full moon is illuminated by reflected light from the sun. The energy of Labradorite and the energy of the Full Moon are like kindred spirits. Work with them together to enhance any Full Moon rituals or activities. You can also use Labradorite during this moon phase to facilitate lucid dreaming and to promote insightful, intuitive dreams. Tuck a piece of Labradorite into your pillowcase or create a simple rectangular grid using four pieces around your bed to have an out-of-this-world dream experience.

🜄 Water - Run a warm Bath and pour your Bath Salt Blend into the running water flow

Top your sacred space with the gorgeous petals from the Soap Flower, chosen for this ritual, leaving no mess to clear as you watch your intentions fully release as the water drains

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